Stunning Landscape Renovation

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Update October 2022: The Park at Broken Sound just completed a stunning landscape renovation over the month of October to all of the Park entrances.  This project is part of the Association’s continued efforts to beautify The Park and add greenery to The Park’s common areas. These areas include the medians and adjacent landscaping on Park of Commerce Blvd, Broken Sound Parkway, NW 8th Avenue, Broken Sound Boulevard and Clint Moore Road. We hope [...]

The Park At Broken Sound: The Perfect Address

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PROFILE: Arvida Park of Commerce’s transformation to The Park At Broken Sound (TPABS) positions the real estate industry-trailblazing “Grande Dame of office parks” as ‘the perfect address’ in Palm Beach County and greater South Florida for blended work/life advantages and benefits. With its 2012 Planned Mobility (PM) designation, TPABS increases its standing as the regional destination for high wage and cutting-edge employment as it optimizes the re-use and revitalization of land with natural complementary and [...]

ID & Design International Visual Brand Concepting For The Park At Broken Sound Q&A With IDDI President & CEO Sherif Ayad

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Q: What fascinated you about this project? A: Arvida Park of Commerce was founded in the late 70s. Our ID & Design International team was very excited to be part of a project with so much history. Our region is in constant urban renovation, looking back in history in order to design for the future is always a challenging situation. Q: What inspired your brand design and style choices? (ie. nature, history, new [...]

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